The Yiddish Theatre Makes a Comeback in the Bronx

BxJHI Riverdale Review 1

The Bronx Jewish Historical Initiative was delighted to be associated with today’s performance by Avi Hoffman of the Yiddish play “Reflections of a Lost Poet: The Life and Times of Itzak Manger”, presented by The Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center. The play, in Yiddish with English super titles, was filmed by the JBS for broadcast. It will also, after editing, be available on the BxJHI website, Avi Hoffman and Rukhi Schaechter attended school at the Center and Avi’s first performance, when he was just four years old, was on the Center’s stage. Quite a nostalgic homecoming! The panelists included (l to r): Moderator Rabbi Mark Golub of the Jewish Broadcasting Service; Avi Hoffman; his mother Miriam Hoffman (who wrote the play); Martin Peretz, former editor-in-chief of the New Republic; Rita Greenstein, author of “It Seems Just Like Yesterday” and newly appointed editor of the Yiddish Forward, Rukhi Schaechter.